Pad Thai Story

During World War II, Thailand suffered from a rice shortage due to the war and floods.
To reduce the domestic rice consumption, the Thai government under Prime Minister
Plaek Phibunsongkhram promoted the consumption of noodles instead. 
His government promoted rice noodles and helped establish a new identity of Thailand.
As a result, a new noodle called ‘ Sen Chan ’ (named after Chanthaburi Province)
was created. Pad thai has since become one of Thailand's national dishes.

Pad thai is made with soaked dried rice noodles, which are  stir-fried with eggs, flavored with

tamarind pulp, fish sauce,  red chili pepper and palm sugar, served with lime wedges and

chopped roasted peanuts. 

It also contains bean sprouts, garlic chives and spring onion.
We serve Pad Thai with  a variety of choices